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It’s no lie that better water makes a better cup of coffee.

Let’s face it – crappy water will produce a crappy cup of coffee.  Water – the biggest ingredient in coffee can make or break the flavor of a freshly brewed cup. Pair your new commercial coffee brewer with one of our water purification systems and you can’t go wrong.​

Countertop units that kick out hot and cold water work great for our brewers.  But if your office is larger and you need more hot and cold and even ice – we have a bottleless cooler for that, too!

Why Bottleless Water For Coffee?

Have you ever taken a sip of a painstakingly prepared cup of coffee, and spit it out? You’re using a fancy coffee brewer, gourmet beans that are perfectly ground…and it still tastes like crap! What are you missing?

The answer might very well be one thing: water.

The folks at Office H2O (our parent company) are bottleless water experts dedicated to purifying today’s workplace with healthy sustainable drinking water. And they want you to have the best-tasting coffee you can and that starts with pure, clean water.

Hydration is essential to good health and vitality. We all need plenty of clean drinking water. In the workplace, our water needs to be clean, cold, convenient and affordable.

But you have the 5-gallon bottled water system, you say?

Bottled water is a messy business. Plastic water bottles are made from oil…17 million barrels a year, actually! And it takes three times the amount of water to make the bottle as it does to fill it.

The bottled water cooler itself is an open well with no barriers to air or water-borne bacteria or other contamination. Yuck!

And you can almost count on someone being injured while lifting those awkward 40-pound bottles.

By going bottleless, not only can we purify that water you’re drinking and brewing your coffee with, but we can reduce the number of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere, prevent injuries and illnesses caused by contaminants in bottled water.

Check out the options at Office H2O.

“Nothing is better than great-tasting, locally roasted coffee — unless it’s in your office to keep you going all day. We love the selection of brewers and coffee by Envoy.”

Courtney B., Charley Grey

“I am impressed by the ease of having coffee in our office after switching to Envoy. No more empty or burnt pots sitting around and no more quick trip to the grocery.”

Matt W., Sympatico

“We’ve had the pure, clean water in our office for a long time and I had no idea that pairing it with the new coffee brewer would make such a good cup of coffee!”

Michelle D., Office H2O

Multi-Stage Water Filtration

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