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Hand-Picked Coffee Roasts

We use fresh, locally roasted coffees. Available in whole bean and pre-meaured ground packs.

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Our favorite of the Indonesian coffees. This Sumatra is bold in flavor and mouth-feel,
but low in acidity. It is earthy with a syrupy flavor, great for every day.

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Hawaiian Kona is considered one of the world’s best coffees. This blend combines real Kona coffee with a specialty blend of premium arabica beans. Mild in flavor with a slightly sweet finish, a great afternoon treat!

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Our “house blend” coffee is a smooth blend of all Arabica beans from around the globe, roasted medium to bring out the unique flavors of the beans. A specially chosen blend for a satisfying cup.

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This finest of the coffee beans from Colombia are chosen for our 100% Colombian coffee, delivering an inviting aroma and smooth flavor that stands up to cream and sugar like no other. A coffee connoisseur’s delight!

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Served in the finest restaurants, and now in your office, this blend includes complex dark roast flavors with a sweet and slightly spicy finish. Our roast master’s favorite!

Other Coffees

Kenya Mild Roast
Guatemalan Donut Shop
European French Roast Classic Decaf
Breakfast Blend European Decaf

Flavored Coffees

Vanilla Creme Hazelnut Creme
Caramel Creme Jamaican Me Crazy

“Nothing is better than great-tasting, locally roasted coffee — unless it’s in your office to keep you going all day. We love the selection of brewers and coffee by Envoy.”

Courtney B., Charley Grey

“I am impressed by the ease of having coffee in our office after switching to Envoy. No more empty or burnt pots sitting around and no more quick trip to the grocery.”

Matt W., Sympatico

“We’ve had the pure, clean water in our office for a long time and I had no idea that pairing it with the new coffee brewer would make such a good cup of coffee!”

Michelle D., Office H2O

Better Water. Better Coffee.

It’s no lie that better water makes a better cup of coffee. In fact, the biggest ingredient in coffee can make or break the flavor of a freshly brewed cup. Pair your new commercial coffee brewer with our water purification and you can’t go wrong.​

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